Fall Harvest Update

This weather is crazy! In fact, the most commonly asked question this summer was - how is this weather going to affect our harvest? We asked winemaker Marc Pistor what he thought about this growing season.

"A cool and rainy summer led to a delayed start of veraison, the ripening season. We had some concern over potential quality all summer, but our concern really began to creep in early September. However, the last few weeks of warmth and sunshine has alleviated much of tha...t worry. When grapes receive this type of weather during ripening, they have a chance to catch up very quickly to where we need them to be at harvest in order to make great wines. So far, we have harvested Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat, with Pinot Gris,Gewurztraminer and more Sauvignon Blanc on the way next week. The quality in our aromatic whites has been great thus far, and tasting through the reds on the vines yesterday, I have much optimism for another great vintage here at Di Profio Wines. "

- Marc Pistor