Fred Di Profio

Having been a part of Di Profio Wines since its establishment, Fred's deep understanding of the Mia Cara Vineyard and the style of Di Profio's wines ensures that their quality and character consistently express the style of Di Profio. His attention to detail and patience within the entire winemaking process is at the foundation of the quality in our wines.  


Ramsey Khairallah

Ramsey understands and applies the science of his craft while maintaining its artistic nature; seeking innovative expression in his wines. It is this vision and philosophy that allows him to craft distinctive wines of high quality. An innate ability to create rich and elegant wines with a sense of place makes him the perfect fit within the team.

Marc Pistor

Marc brings energy and passion to the entire winemaking process, dedicated to innovating not only within our wines and wine styles, but within our brand and the processes at our winery.  Through his pursuit of discovery  new and unique expressions in his wines helps us to produce wines that reflect our goals and the desires of our customers.


Kevin Mitchell
Executive Chef

Behind every delicious plate that comes from our Zinc Bistro is chef Kevin Mitchell. Kevin's passion for cooking developed at an early age, honing his skills in kitchens from Muskoka to Niagara on the Lake.  With a passion for fine Italian and French cuisine he has a strong foundation to establish a style that is unique to our little bistro. Dedicated to his craft and continuously learning, Kevin's energy and creativity yield spectacular food and wine pairings for the many culinary experiences offered throughout the year. Come try his creations at crowd favourite events such as Wrapped Up in the Valley, Get Fresh or the Winter Wine Festival or drop by to sample from his phenomenal seasonal menus.